Who are we?

We are Alex and Johannes. In our free time (after the first, sobering hairdressing experience in Corona times) we initially designed a product out of sheer joy of tinkering and manufactured it with the 3D printer. After a lot of friends wanted to use our prototype, we decided to give the child a name and to produce it in small series.

What is our goal?

With the Kuff we try to make a contribution so that hairdressers, opticians, hearing aid acousticians and many other people can make their work a little easier during the corona pandemic. Our first goal is to make the kuff available at least cost-covering.

It is also important to us to avoid plastic in the product and in shipping. That is why we make the kuff from a bioplastic. That doesn't help the business case, but bringing a plastic product to market is an absolute no-go for us.


Annotation: If you have any questions about the bio-plastic used, we can give you tips. Many plastic products could already be substituted by bioplastics.