Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


There are now many mask holders, mask straps or ear-savers. What is the difference between the Kuff and these products?
The Kuff was specially developed for hairdressers, opticians and hearing aid acousticians. It is intended for short use on customers. Compared to competing products, it is very easy to clean and disinfect. It is very narrow in the neck, so that hairdressers with scissors and hair clippers have enough space. You can adapt the kuff individually to the anatomy of each customer. And because it rests on the neck and shoulders, it is very comfortable for the customer to wear.
I am a hairdresser, what is the most efficient way to use the kuff?We have made the experience that hairdressers are most likely to use the kuff for people with short hairstyles. The kuff is put on as soon as the sides and ears are coiffed. Some hairdressers leave the kuff on when it comes to the neck area. But everyone develops their own strategy.
As a hairdresser, I ask my customers to simply put the mask on their face with their hand when I cut around their ears. That works, right?When you wear a protective mask, dirt, viruses and bacteria mainly accumulate on the outside of the mask. You should therefore avoid touching a mask that has been worn for a long time from the outside. Because that's how exactly what you prevented from getting into your airways gets to your hands.
How is the kuff used?The kuff is placed over the customer's shoulders from behind, then you hang the mask elastic bands from the ears over the hooks of the kuff. We recommend using the inner hooks (closest to the neck),
What does the name "Kuff" mean? "Kuff" is a proper name and is pronounced as it is spelled. Maybe we were a little inspired by boat building ;-).
The kuff is pulled up by the mask straps. What am I doing wrong?This can happen especially with masks with little stretchable fastening straps. Try removing a little tension from the fastening hooks further to the front. However, we recommend that you use a mask with bands that are not too tight and that stretch well.
What happens to the kuff when the corona pandemic is over? The kuff can also be used in any "normal" influenza wave. Since we are bringing a product onto the market with the Kuff that will hopefully only be used for a few months, the choice of material and the minimum possible use of raw materials in the entire ordering process are important to us.
What material is the kuff made of? This consists of a biopolymer that is made from 92% renewable raw materials, the remaining 8% are also not petroleum-based. These are minerals like lime.
How to clean the kuff The kuff is dishwasher safe and heat resistant up to temperatures of 90 ° C. It copes well with cleaning agents based on acids and alkalis. It tolerates disinfectants based on alcohol, it just shouldn't lie in the alcohol bath for days. We have designed the kuff so that you can wipe it off with a cleaning cloth and go anywhere.
How do I dispose of the kuff?The kuff is made of a plastic that is not biodegraded, but can be disposed of with the residual waste. It is important that the Kuff does not end up in the organic waste, since there is still no comprehensive disposal network for plastics made from renewable raw materials. The CO2 bound as the raw materials grow is released again during combustion. The kuff is made of a CO2-neutral material.