The Kuff

The mask holder for hairdressers, barbers and opticians

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What is the Kuff?

Simply put, it is a mask holder to support your business during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Kuff is a hygienic alternative mounting option for every day masks - ideal for professionals with close costumer contact around the ears. Like hairdressers, opticians and ENT doctors

Who is the Kuff made for?

Space around the ears

For any profession that works close to people: tattoo artists, ENT doctors - or any other. With your Kuff it gets a little easier.

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Stylists | Hairdressers

Tired of dealing with the mask around the ears? Are you longing to easily trim the sideburns? Just use the Kuff after washing their hair and let's get creative without distraction.


Adjust the glasses perfectly to the face of your customer again. No tangling of the mask strap, no bent ears.

This is how you do it...

It works especially well for clients with short hair and with masks with wide stretch elastic bands.

Tip for hairdressers: Put the kuff on after washing your client's hair, once the cape fits properly.

In 3 simple steps you put it on correctly: